How Do You Get Someone Out of A Nursing Home?

Friday, January 5, 2024

How Do You Get Someone Out of A Nursing Home?

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Once you have made the decision to remove a loved one from a nursing home, developing a plan for a seamless relocation should begin. You should have discussed with the nursing home staff your concerns and thought thoroughly about your decision to move a loved one to a new residence or facility. If you have decided to remove a patient from a nursing home, securing the aid of a trusted Chicago nursing home injury lawyer can help address any pushback you may receive from the facility.

Make a Plan

A plan can help to begin the transition from one location to the next. We recommend organizing information regarding:

  • Packing: Your loved one will need help packing items to either store or move to a new location.
  • Mental health: Moving can trigger anyone, and transitioning from a residence to a nursing home or moving between facilities can trigger loneliness, anxiety, and a sense of hopelessness in a patient. You can anticipate difficult emotions by being present to offer emotional support to a loved one when needed through the course of the moving transition.
  • Updating insurance information: You should notify your insurance company of the facility change.
  • Providing up-to-date information for the new facility: Make sure that they have all necessary forms and records as you transition.
  • Developing a budget: Determine how much you are willing or able to spend on moving expenses.
  • Updating a change of address: Inform friends and family of the new address and any additional information they should know about the facility or residence change.

Why Might A Patient Consider Leaving a Nursing Home?

Instances where a patient may consider leaving a nursing home include:

Neglect and abuse

About one in ten seniors have experienced elder abuse. If a loved one has expressed that they have experienced neglect or abuse from a nursing home staff member, you should remove them immediately and contact a nursing home lawyer for representation.

Level of care

A patient might be able to take care of themselves well enough without the aid of nursing home staff. If this is the case, then moving them to the home of a family member or a nursing home with an independent living option may better match the needs of a patient. Alternatively, if a patient will require more care–due to health, for example–moving to a facility that provides a higher level of service can better serve the needs of a loved one.

Health concerns

COVID-19 has hit nursing homes particularly hard; 23% of those in the United States who have died from the coronavirus are residents or staff of long-term care facilities. If you observe that the facility where a loved one is being cared for has experienced an increase in disease among patients, you may want to consider moving a loved one to another long-term care facility where they are less likely to get sick.

Consult With An Experienced Chicago Nursing Home Lawyer Today

If you have experienced wrongdoing at a nursing home, an experienced elder care lawyer can help you develop a case against the facility. Our nursing home lawyers at Malman Law have helped many nursing home patients seek justice for wrongdoing. Set up a consultation today.


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