Truck Drivers and Adverse Weather

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Truck Drivers and Adverse Weather

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Even if a truck driver is within the speed limit, they might be traveling too fast for weather conditions and might cause an accident and injuries. Victims should discuss their rights with a Chicago truck accident lawyer. 

Commercial truck drivers undergo specialized training and examinations to receive their commercial driver’s licenses. Part of this training involves learning how to comply with all federal trucking regulations in order to drive semi-trucks and other large vehicles as safely as possible at all times. 

Part of driving safely is knowing how to adapt to changing conditions, such as the weather. Especially as truck drivers travel across the country, they might encounter various climates and weather conditions. If a truck driver fails to drive safely under adverse weather conditions, they can cause severe crashes and injuries to others. 

If you suffered injuries because of a dangerous truck driver under any circumstances, contact a Chicago truck accident lawyer immediately for assistance. 

Driving Too Fast for Conditions

Truck drivers are expected to follow all safety rules of the road, including posted speed limits. However, their driving obligations are more extensive, as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has additional regulations regarding safe driving, including prohibitions on “driving too fast for conditions.” In this situation, “conditions” can refer to traffic, construction, and weather. 

Specifically, the regulations address:

  1. Rain
  2. Snow
  3. Ice
  4. Fog

Not only do the above weather conditions reduce visibility in many cases, but they can also result in wet and slippery roads and highways, which can make it more challenging for a truck driver to stop or control the vehicle. 

Even if a posted speed limit is 60 miles per hour, this might be far too fast to drive once the roads are slick or it becomes difficult to see. Truck drivers should always slow down as much as needed to remain in complete control of the truck and keep others safe. 

Unfortunately, many truck drivers have a sense of over-confidence behind the wheel of their rigs. They drive these large vehicles on almost a daily basis, and the weight of the truck might make them feel more secure on wet or slippery roads. However, driving too fast for conditions can cause a driver to slide and lose control when they least expect it, which can cause serious collisions.

High Winds and Rollovers

Another dangerous weather condition for commercial trucks is high wind speeds. While there might not be any precipitation to indicate higher risks, truck drivers should pay attention to wind speeds and slow down when necessary. 

Semi-trucks have a high center of gravity and a narrow wheelbase, which makes them especially prone to rollover accidents when traveling at faster speeds in higher winds. If a truck rolls over on the highway, it can cause a chain reaction crash that injures many different people.

Reach Out to an Experienced Chicago Truck Accident Lawyer

Proving that a truck driver was negligent in adverse weather conditions can be challenging, though it is important that you properly hold the truck driver and company liable for your losses. Never wait to seek assistance from a Chicago truck accident attorney from Malman Law. Call (312) 629-0099 or contact us online for a free consultation and case evaluation today. 

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