What Wounds Might Indicate Nursing Home Abuse?

Monday, September 6, 2021

What Wounds Might Indicate Nursing Home Abuse?

Written by Malman Law, reviewed by Steve J. Malman.

You should know the signs of possible nursing home abuse, including which types of injuries should raise suspicions. If your loved one suffered preventable injuries, call a Chicago nursing home abuse lawyer for help today.

Elder abuse is the health care industry’s devastating, silent scourge. Although it’s seldom reported or talked about, the National Council On Aging estimates that roughly 1 in 10 senior citizens will suffer some form of elder abuse.

That could equate to roughly 5 million elderly Americans suffering abuse each year, but despite that high figure, only 1 in 24 cases are believed to be officially reported to authorities. A lot of factors could motivate that low reporting rate; from intimidation to embarrassment, to fears that the victim could have a difficult time coming forward, to fears that they may not have a viable case.

Read on to understand the signs of elder abuse, and what you should know about building an effective case against it. Contact a Chicago nursing home abuse lawyer to discuss your specific situation. 


Signs Of Physical Nursing Home Abuse

There are many, many forms that nursing home abuse can take. One of the most visible forms it can take is in the form of physical elder abuse; the use of force designed to deliberately cause intense physical pain and anguish. Physically and psychologically, this sort of abuse leaves lasting marks, and those marks may manifest themselves as:

  1. Scars
  2. Contusions
  3. Bruises
  4. Burns
  5. Lesions
  6. Fractures
  7. Swelling
  8. Sprains
  9. Repeated Injuries

If the elder abuse victim inexplicably struggles to move or is inexplicably apprehensive about explaining the cause of their injuries, then those could also be potential signs of physical elder abuse. Consider asking residents or caregivers you trust if they suspect signs of elder abuse, and consider that not all elder abuse will be physically visible.


What Is Considered Nursing Home Abuse?

Not all elder abuse involves hitting, traditional “violence,” or even any physical violence at all, but it’s still abusive and extremely damaging nevertheless. Other types of elder abuse could include:

  1. Emotional Abuse: Yelling, insulting, manipulation, gaslighting, neglect, or toxic behaviors meant to incite psychological discomfort in the victim.
  2. Sexual Abuse: Inappropriate touching, harassment, or sexual contact that grossly violates the victim’s boundaries.
  3. Financial Abuse: Deliberate theft, fraud, extortion, or asset misuse that all leverage control over the victim’s finances.
  4. Neglectful Abuse: Failing to adequately provide for the patient/victim’s care needs.

All of these tendencies are abusive, and all of them are legally actionable, whether as a civil lawsuit or criminal case, depending on the circumstances and nature of the abuse. In either case, you should have the case built and represented by an experienced Chicago nursing home abuse lawyer.


Don’t Hesitate Contact a Chicago Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

For almost 30 years, our award-winning team at Malman Law has prided itself on fighting for the people who need the best fighting chance, and senior citizens are no exception. We have won our elderly clients a litany of settlements related to nursing home abuse and neglect cases, and while we can’t guarantee that we’ll win yours, we can guarantee that we’ll do everything in our power to offer as much support as we can.

Don’t suffer in silence, and don’t hesitate to hold the perpetrators accountable. If you want to learn more about how our Chicago nursing home abuse lawyers can help you, consider contacting us today to arrange a free case review.

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