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We at the Law Offices of Malman Law believe in and fight for the rights of injured parties. We at Malman Law have been using our systematic, customized approach for over 6,000 clients since 1994. We deliver superior results and our Illinois personal injury attorneys can potentially make a huge, positive difference in your life and reduce many of the stresses – financial and emotional – that have been nagging at you and your family since your accident or injury.

Read what some of Malman Law’s clients are saying by reading our reviews below and visiting our client testimonial page.

 Malman Law Review 2/29/20162/29/2016
5/5 starsI was very happy with the results and services that Malman Law gave me. David my attorney was there every step of the way to answer any and all questions that I had for him. He gave me reassurance that everything was going to be Okay. I would definitely recommend to Malman Law to my family and friends. Great staff and amazing Lawyers to work with. –Patricia D.
 Malman Law Positive ReviewMalman Law Review 8/2/20118/2/2011
5/5 starsI would recommend Malman Law to anyone I know who needs a great lawyer. I was very pleased with the outcome of my case. –Deborah E.
 Malman Law Positive ReviewMalman Law Review 7/26/20117/26/20115/5 stars
If anybody has a probelm and is in need of help call Malman Law. At Malman Law you are more than just a client, you are part of the family. –Donyell G.
 Malman Law ReviewNew Malman Law Review 7/20/20117/20/20115/5 stars
I was very happy with the outcome of my case and it was handled with great professionalism. –Arnold W.
 Malman Law Five StarsReview Malman Law 6/8/20116/8/20115/5 stars
Professional, full of integrity, sound business ethics and sense of commitment is what I thnk of when dealing Malman Law. –Ryan D.
 Malman Law Positive ReviewFive Star Malman Law Review 6/6/20116/6/20115/5 stars
The expirience was very excellent and the case was handle very professional i give Malman 10 stars if i could thank you. –Victor J.
 Malman Five Star ReviewMalman Review 6/2/20116/2/20115/5 stars
Malman Law exceeded my expectations in every way. They always answered all of my questions and concerns immediately. The result of my case was far greater than I could have imagined. I highly recommend them. –Jorge D.
 Malman Positive ReviewMalman Law 5/18/20115/18/20115/5 stars
Malman Law did everything I asked for and more. After I contacted the firm, someone came out to see me immediately. They were courteous and made sure all of may calls were returned. I was very happy with the result. –Jerry J
 5 Star ReviewMalman Law Review 10/26/201110/26/20115/5 stars
From start to finish Steve Malman and his entire staff were very understabding and informative.Steve would take all the time you needed to talk to you and explain things to you.They really value their clients. I just want to say,THANK YOU!! Steve Malman and your staff. –Padgett G.
  5 Star ReviewReview Malman Law 5/17/20115/17/20115/5 stars
Steve Malman and his staff take great care of their clients and are very trustworthy. I have referred my friends and family to Malman Law, I highly recommend the firm. –James S.
 5 Star ReviewMalman Law Review on Superpages 5/16/2011 on Superpages5/5 stars
Steve and the rest of the firm were great. They handled my case very professionally. Thank you. –Guest79094
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