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Morgan Park is about as “South Side” as you can get without leaving Chicago. Indeed, some of our best friends and clients hail from there. Many of our clients contact us after suffering a road accident on 107th Street or California Avenue, for example, or after suffering some other type of personal injury.

When you are injured due to the misconduct of someone else, a personal injury claim in your favor arises automatically under Illinois personal injury law. At least in theory – after all, money to pay your medical bills isn’t going to drop from the sky. Instead you must enforce your claim, either in court, or preferably, at the bargaining table.

The Illinois Personal Injury Compensation System

Personal injury compensation is governed by Illinois state law. Winning requires either a trial that results in a courtroom judgment, or better yet – a settlement agreement. Settlements are almost always preferable (and over 90 percent of our clients receive them) because are far quicker and easier than a trial.

Nevertheless, as the saying goes, “all bargaining takes place in the shadow of the law.” This means that the opposing party (either the defendant or an insurance company) is unlikely to agree to a sizable settlement unless you show him that you have enough admissible evidence to win in court. It is here that the assistance of expert legal counsel is critical.

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