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When you head over to that desk job that you’ve been working for years, the very last thing you expect is to be injured on the job. Sure, construction work is risky, but you probably feel pretty safe in front of your computer screen. The fact is that workers are injured on the job – every kind of job – very frequently, and those injuries are often exceedingly serious. If your job leaves you injured, discuss your claim with an experienced Springfield workers’ compensation attorney today.

Work Injuries Happen

Work injuries happen more often than you likely realize, and the National Safety Council (NSC) helps to put a very fine point on the matter. Consider the following statistics:

  • Every seven seconds in the United States, a worker is injured on the job, and if that doesn’t get your attention, nothing is likely to.
  • 104 million days of production were lost to injuries sustained at work in 2017 alone.
  • Overexertion (which is closely associated with repetitive movements and frequent lifting and lowering), slip and fall accidents, and dangerous contact with machinery or heavy objects (such as being caught in between heavy machinery or other objects, or being struck by or against heavy machinery or objects) are the types of injury-causing events that are most closely associated with lost work days.
  • Those categories of injuries that tend to keep employees away from work most often include pain (such as the kind those who spend many hours sitting at a desk experience), strains, sprains, and muscle tears, and lacerations, cuts, and punctures.

NSC goes on to share that service-related jobs (including police officers and firefighters), jobs in the transportation and shipping industry, jobs in manufacturing and production, jobs in installation, maintenance, and repair, and construction jobs are the five occupations that see the most work days lost to injuries. Ultimately, accidents at work are nearly 100 percent preventable, and employers are all encouraged to implement and enforce safety policies and training that help spare their employees from needless suffering.

What Workers’ Compensation Covers

Workers’ compensation refers to workers’ compensation insurance that employers are required to carry for their employees. Workers’ compensation is a kind of legal compromise that helps limit employers’ legal liability and helps ensure that employees can obtain the compensation for direct financial losses that they need (regardless of who is at fault for the accident involved). Workers’ compensation can cover you in all the following ways if you are injured while at work:

  • The cost of your medical bills and the expenses associated with your physical rehabilitation
  • Temporary disability benefits that are equal to two-thirds of your average weekly income and that are paid for the duration of your temporary absence from work (while you recover)
  • Two-thirds of the difference in pay between your average weekly income and the pay you receive for the light-duty job you take on while you’re recovering
  • Permanent total disability benefits if your injuries include the loss of a body part

An experienced Springfield workers’ compensation attorney will aggressively and skillfully advocate for workers’ compensation benefits that cover your full array of damages.

What Workers’ Compensation Does Not Cover

While workers’ compensation will generally cover you if you’re injured on the job, they take exception in all of the following circumstances:

  • Any injury that is deemed to have been self-inflicted (this includes injuries sustained in a physical fight that you are alleged to have started on the job)
  • Any injury that is sustained while you are alleged to have been in the act of committing a serious crime
  • Any injury that is sustained while you are alleged to have engaged in conduct that violates one of your employer’s policies
  • Any injury that you are alleged to have sustained while away from work

Just because your employer – or the employer’s insurance provider – tells you that your claim isn’t covered, however, doesn’t mean that it ultimately won’t be covered. Seek the skilled legal guidance of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney before you accept an outright denial of your claim.

Call an Experienced Springfield Workers’ Compensation Attorney Today

Being injured on the job leaves you in a delicate situation, but the dedicated Springfield workers’ compensation attorneys at Malman Law are committed to defending your rights in pursuit of just compensation that allows you to reach your fullest recovery – and to move forward with your most satisfying career. Our intrepid legal team is here for you, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information today.

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