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Truck, package, and delivery drivers often retain Chicago workers’ compensation lawyers to deal with the myriad logistical and insurance issues pertaining to their claims. Because the process of filing workers’ compensation claims can be complex, if you suspect that you may have a claim that has not been filed or was dismissed wrongfully, contact us today to explore your claim options.

Particular Risks Faced by Truck, Package, and Delivery Drivers

What are some common dangers that these drivers face during the line of duty?

First and foremost, anyone who regularly drives – particularly on Chicago’s highways and byways, which get covered with sleet and ice during winter – runs a higher than average risk of getting into traffic accidents. If you got into a crash on the job – either while driving to meet a warehouse supplier or while delivering goods to a client – you may be eligible for Illinois workers’ compensation benefits to compensate you for your pain, suffering, and medical bills.

Delivery workers can also suffer overuse injuries. When you ride in a cab for dozens of hours a week, even though you are not physically active at that particular moment, your body is subjected to chronic “force asymmetries,” which can result in damage to tendons, ligaments, muscles, and connective tissues. Sciatica (lower back pain) in particular is common among truck drivers, since ergonomically poor seats can do significant damage to lower spine health.

Truck, package, and delivery drivers can also get hurt during the course of loading, unloading, dropping off, and picking up. Twists, sprains, strains, and fatigue can all affect these drivers. Similarly, contusions and projectile injuries plague workers in these trades. If a box containing industrial parts opens at the wrong time, for instance, a delivery driver can get cut, bruised, or worse. Particulate matter can also get into the eyes and cause damage to the cornea, for instance. And, if you lift heavy objects incorrectly, you can suffer a hernia or other strain injury.

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While on-the-job injuries can be painful, expense, and life-changing, the good news is that truck, package, and delivery drivers in Illinois can trust the workers’ compensation attorneys at Malman Law, to deliver fast, precise, and efficient service. For over 25 years, our compassionate lawyers have advocated aggressively for our clients. The results speak for themselves. All no-obligation initial consultations are free of charge, and we can even come to you if you can’t come to our offices. And, with our Zero Fee Guarantee, you have nothing to lose when you retain our service. Please call our offices or fill out our free online contact form today. Don’t allow insurance companies or uncooperative employers to push you around and prevent you from getting the benefits that you deserve from your work-related injury. Call us today.

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