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According to data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), 3,660 individuals died due to large truck accidents in 2014. Although deaths caused by trucking accidents have decreased in recent decades in comparison to other motor vehicle accidents (e.g., passenger vehicle accidents), the majority of deaths caused by trucking accidents are among passenger vehicle occupants. Because large trucks are much heavier and have differing capabilities than smaller vehicles (such as much slower brake times), vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians in a truck’s wake are left with very little protection.

For many reasons – including large truck mechanical regulations and driver workload limitations – the laws surrounding truck accidents are different from those that pertain to standard car accidents. If you’ve been hurt in a truck accident, you need a special type of injury attorney. A truck accident injury lawyer knows how to conduct a thorough investigation of who and what caused your accident, and is able to argue your case. Because truck accidents can be so much more devastating than car accidents, and because of the multitude of factors at work that do not come into play in a typical car accident, truck accident investigations require entirely different investigative and prosecutorial skills.

How Injury Attorneys Determine Fault

There is rarely such a thing as a simple truck accident – more often than not, someone or something is to blame. The trucking industry is heavily regulated to avoid accidents, but that doesn’t mean that all drivers adhere to these regulations – a truck that hasn’t been maintained to industry standards or is in violation of safety standards, for example, may be more likely to be involved in an accident. The driver’s behavior may also be a factor; if the truck driver wasn’t alert while attempting to drive for longer than the legal shift limit (currently 11 hours), he or she may be considered at fault for the accident. These are all factors that you may not be able to identify on your own, but a seasoned truck accident injury lawyer can investigate and use these circumstances in the client’s favor.

The Seriousness of a Truck Accident

Truck collisions are accidents of an entirely different magnitude than car accidents. The size, speed, and power of a truck, whether it’s moving at a high speed or not, is far more significant than that of even a large car and, consequently, does a much higher degree of damage. The injuries that an accident causes can be much more devastating. If you decide to pursue a claim for compensation against the trucking company, driver, or truck parts manufacturer, then you need an injury attorney who understands the lifelong consequences of an accident of this severity. Additionally, a trusted physician who can identify how the accident may have lasting consequences will also be necessary, in order to demonstrate that the accident caused physical damages that warrant rightful compensation.

Finding a Truck Accident Injury Lawyer

No matter what the severity, if you’ve been injured in an accident with a truck, contact Malman Law for a free consultation today. The expert attorneys at Malman Law have the necessary skills and experience to aid you through this difficult time. And, we’ve helped thousands of victims of personal injuries (many involving motor vehicle accidents) just like you receive rightful compensation. Just a few additional reasons why we are the best legal option for your truck accident injuries include:

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