Chicago, IL Cell Phone Accident Lawyer

Most people have at some point driven while using a cell phone. However, data offered by the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society may make you rethink your actions.

According to a recent study, cell phones have caused more than 2,600 auto crash-related fatalities and over 330,000 auto crash-related injuries. Research indicates that the usage of cell phones dramatically slows down reaction time and reflexes.

Although talking on your cell phone is more socially permissible than drunk driving, the risk factors are similar if not higher. Research has repeatedly proven that there’s only a slight difference in terms of attentiveness.

If you sustain an injury in a pedestrian, vehicle, or bicycle accident, and the party at fault was texting or on a cell phone during the incident, you require the service of a cell phone accident lawyer in Chicago.

The highly experienced auto injury lawyers at Malman Law attorneys will educate you on your rights. We will further assist you in filing a case against the liable party. We offer meticulous and considerate assistance for victims who have sustained injuries owing to distracted drivers.

If you choose to collaborate with a cell phone accident lawyer from our firm, you will not pay any fees unless we win through a verdict or out-of-court settlement. We will fight for your rights against anyone – whether they are dishonest underwriters or affluent trucking corporations.

To find out more about our cell phone accident and other automobile injury verdicts, please view our success stories. You will discover that timeliness is highly crucial in such cases.

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