Chicago, IL Slip and Fall Accidents Lawyer

At Malman Law our personal injury attorneys will aggressively pursue a valid claim originating from a slip and fall accident. Such accidents arise from various causes resulting in serious injuries, including head and spinal cord injuries.

There are several types of these accidents, including “trip and fall,” “step and fall” as well as “stump and fall.” You require a slip and fall accidents lawyer to offer a competent evaluation of your case and engage the proprietor or the insurance provider.

At Malman Law our personal injury attorneys will collaborate with experts to assess the extent of your case. By collaborating with specialists, we can evaluate accidents that are usually hard to prove and establish the amount of recovery you need.

Every claim varies depending on the type of injury you have sustained and the location where the accident took place – whether private, commercial, or public property.

Accidents such as dog bites fall under premises liability law, which holds proprietors liable when an accident takes place on their premises because the property conditions were dangerous or unsafe.

A slip and fall accident may involve various liable parties, in which case you would have to deal with numerous insurance companies when making a claim. For this reason, it is crucial you retain the services of a reputable slip and fall accidents lawyer.

At Malman Law our attorneys have the experience, resources, and skills to offer you premium legal representation. We not only want you to obtain the maximum recovery to cover your medical bills, we are also dedicated to ensuring that occupants and owners of commercial and private properties are more cautious when ensuring the safety of their premises.

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