Chicago, IL Train Accident Lawyer

Public transportation is absolutely essential in a massive metropolis like Chicago. Trains and buses get us to work and back, and out on the weekends – usually quickly, conveniently and more cheaply than driving. However, “el” trains, commuter railroads and buses can be hazardous places. Of course, the city and transportation companies make every effort to ensure the safety of all passengers, but high speeds, derailment accidents, and sudden stops can all result in serious injuries and even fatalities.

If you or a loved one has been injured on the CTA, Metra or any other Illinois transpiration system, speak today with the experienced Illinois train accident attorneys of Steven J. Malman & Associates.

Passengers on Illinois public transit systems are required by law to receive to utmost care. Still, train conductors who drive under the influence, inspectors who fail to notice critical malfunctions, maintenance crews who do sub-standard work, and companies that don’t make the right decisions can put literally hundreds of lives in jeopardy.

Statistically speaking, individuals are more likely to be injured in car accidents than on trains. However, when train accidents do happen, the ensuing damage can be horrific and life changing. Take the 2007 accident in Chicago for example: The driver of a southbound California Avenue train lost control because he was texting while driving. The train was derailed, killing several people and injuring dozens more.

Minor Train Accidents can have Long-Term Consequences

Obviously, this was a worst-case scenario, but your train accident doesn’t have to be front-page news in order for you to file a valid claim. Quick, unexpected stops can send you careening backward, causing serious injury like whiplash, broken bones, torn ligaments, soft tissue damage or bruising. Some injuries may seem mild at first, but can result in ongoing pain and require expensive medications or surgery.

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