Chicago, IL Construction Injury Attorney

At Malman Law, we recognize that construction work can be hazardous. From dangerous materials to harsh weather, we understand that injuries and accidents can occur at any time and when they do, the consequences could be disastrous.

If you or somebody you know has sustained an injury during construction work, workers’ compensation attorneys at Malman Law can help. Since 1994, our firm has defended the rights of construction employees in Chicago and Northern Illinois.

Malman Law is eager to leverage our reputation and offer superior services. We recognize that selecting the appropriate construction accident lawyer to suit your needs might be overwhelming and confusing.

You need a reliable and experienced professional who will give you the attention you deserve. We have implemented systems that put our clients at ease. Furthermore, your initial consultation is always free.

We offer legal representation on a contingency basis. Our policy is you will not pay anything unless we secure a favorable verdict. This strategy inspires us to work tirelessly for our clients.

Construction accidents can end with one or both of these results:

Workers’ Comp: Our team can file a claim and engage your employer’s insurance provider when handling the benefits process. We could pursue temporary or permanent disability benefits or reimbursement of medical costs depending on the severity of your injury.

Personal Injury: Many construction injuries involve a team of employees with several elements coming into play. Other parties are responsible for some of these factors, such as damaged equipment. If we discover that another party is responsible for your injury, we will pursue legal recourse against that entity or person.

Every case inspires us to succeed. For more information on our success rates, view the stories page. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your injury, we are well-suited to serve you.