Winter Driving Tips to Help Prevent Accidents

Winter in Chicago means driving in the snow. Snow, ice and rain create dangerous driving conditions throughout the winter months, and our Chicago car accident lawyers want to remind motorists to drive safely and slowly. A driver who is driving recklessly can be held responsible for Chicago personal injury or wrongful death resulting from a car crash in inclement weather – even if the weather is a contributing factor in the accident.

The following winter driving tips can help motorists when driving in the snow, ice and other dangerous weather conditions you may be facing this season:

Vehicle maintenance: make sure tires are properly inflated, windshield wipers are clean and functioning properly, and snow tires or chains have been been installed.
Scrape all snow and ice from your vehicle – especially windows and mirrors – and fasten your seatbelt before putting your vehicle into drive.
Don’t drive while distracted – turn your cell phone off to avoid the temptation of using it to make cell phone calls, send or receive text messages, check your email, etc.
– If your car does not have daytime running lights, turn your lights on for improved visibility.
– Drive with both hands on the wheel.
Avoid slamming on your brakes if you need to slow down or stop. Do not tailgate other drivers, as it won’t allow adequate time to stop or slow down.
– Drive at or below the posted speed limit.
– Do not use cruise control.
Do not drive under the influence of drugs, alcohol or medication.

If you are involved in a Chicago car crash while driving in the snow – possibly because another motorist is not following the above winter driving tips – contact a Chicago car accident lawyer right away.