Chicago Nursing Home Abuse And Negligence Lawyer

The Law Offices of Steven J. Malman & Associates, P.C. have experience and skilled nursing home abuse and negligence lawyers in Chicago, Illinois.

At our law firm, nursing home abuse and neglect cases grown out to be some of the most despicable matters we handle. The nursing home abuse occurs when a concierge intentionally cause pain, harm, brain injury and suffering. It includes physical abuse – slapping, hitting, shoving, force feeding etc., sexual abuse – sexual assault, inappropriate touching or any non-bodily sexual activity and even emotional abuse – threatening, scolding, ignoring, humiliating etc. There are quite a few signs of nursing home abuse such as bruises, sprains, burns, fractured bones, sudden changes in behavior and more.

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On the other hand even the rate of nursing home negligence cases is increasing day by day. Our nursing home neglect attorneys will always stand for victims who had been hurt from negligence of nursing homes caretakers. Nursing home negligence occurs when the care taker is not fulfilling his/her duty to a resident. It includes physical neglect (deprived bathing methods, lack of toileting and wrong body positioning), medical neglect (lack of medical care, poor access to medical aid and more) and proper assisting (Lack of assistance to the resident in eating, drinking, avoiding cries for help and more). Our highly skilled personal injury lawyers provide right justice and fair treatment for your nursing home abuse and negligence.

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