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One advantage of living so close to Chicago is that you can easily meet and interview a number of attorneys to parse your legal options. Unfortunately, as renowned sociologist and author Barry Schwartz discussed in his landmark book, The Paradox of Choice, when people face too many options, they often end up overwhelmed and unsatisfied no matter which path they choose. For instance, a study found that people who tasted six different flavors of a jam were more likely to purchase a jar of jam than were people asked to taste 24 different jams.

Too many choices can overwhelm. This isn’t to suggest that you retain the first Berwyn, Illinois personal injury attorney you find on the web; however, realize that there is a premium on your time and that investigating all area lawyers may not necessarily be productive. To that end, we at the Law Offices of Malman Law would be happy to provide a free, confidential, zero obligation consultation about your Berwyn injury. Steven’s been practicing in the greater Chicago area since 1994, and he’s won a wide variety of personal injury cases and achieved multi-million dollar verdicts in many of them. Dial 1-(888) 310-9252 or fill out our free online consultation or to set up a time to speak with Steven about your matter.

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The suburban township of Berwyn, Illinois, like its neighbor city of Cicero, attracts titans of industry and artistic types alike. Notably quirky local landmarks include the biggest laundromat in the world (over 13,500 square feet in area) and a sculpture called the Spindle, which was sadly demolished in 2008 to make room for a Walgreen’s drug store. Berwyn boasts a professional theater group, a 15-acre urban park, many recreational facilities, and an array of financial institutions. Berwyn’s eclectic charms notwithstanding, however, serious accidents can and do happen here. Whether you hurt yourself playing baseball at Janura Park, slipped and fell while browsing the flower beds at Proksa Park, or got into a car accident on Roosevelt Road, you may need an adept and creative attorney to help you extract compensation for your injuries and other costs.

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