Actor Mickey Rooney Falls Victim To Elder Care Abuse

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Actor Mickey Rooney Falls Victim To Elder Care Abuse

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Film star Mickey Rooney is currently in Los Angeles court after accusing his stepson of abusing Rooney and his 9th wife Jan in their home. The abuse allegations include withholding food and medicine as well as selling Rooney’s Oscar trophy.

The recent case has brought a lot of attention to the subject of nursing home and elder care abuse. In Chicago, nursing home lawyers can handle elder abuse cases that occur inside the home or in a facility.

It is always hard to leave your family members in the care of others. It is important to do your research before choosing a nursing home for your loved one. Interviewing current residents and their families as well as staff can give you a glimpse of the care given there. The same goes for in-home caregivers.

After your family member is in a nursing home or in-home care situation be on the lookout for strange behavior, new or frequent injuries and anything else that seems odd. At the first sign something may be off contact a Chicago nursing home attorney.

When choosing a nursing home lawyer consider the following services. A great Chicago lawyer will offer the following benefits:

  • Free no obligation Consultation – You should be able to meet with your nursing home lawyer once, for free before you commit to working with them.
  • No Fee Guarantee – If your attorney does not obtain a monetary award for your case you should not owe them a legal fee.
  • njury Assessment – Your attorney should have the ability to have any injuries involved with the claim looked at by a doctor.
  • Always Available – A lawyer offering themselves to you at all hours day or night is really making themselves available to you and your needs.


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