Car Accidents in Chicago Winter Weather

Monday, December 28, 2020

Car Accidents in Chicago Winter Weather

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At any given time, driving in and of itself has numerous risks. You can drive cautiously in winter weather, but you can’t control the actions of an irresponsible driver. Thankfully, Illinois law has your back in these cases and allows you to hold the at-fault party liable for your injuries.

Chicago residents know that winter weather means bundling up, dusting off the snow shovels, and preparing for lots of ice and snow. However, some fail to remember and recognize that it also means adhering to winter driving safety standards and act accordingly. When they don’t take steps to decrease the chances of an accident, they put innocent people at risk. If you or someone you love became the victim of a winter weather driving accident, a knowledgeable Chicago car accident lawyer could help you take the necessary steps to recover financial compensation.

Winter Weather Driving by the Numbers

The United States averages 5,891,000 vehicle crashes each year, with about 21 percent of them, almost 1,235,000 are related to weather. Weather-related accidents are defined as those that occur in poor weather such as rain, sleet, snow, fog, severe crosswinds, or blowing snow/sand/debris or on slick pavement, including pavement that is wet, snowy/slushy, or icy. Additionally, almost 5,000 individuals lose their lives, and over 418,000 suffer injuries in weather-related accidents annually. Many injured individuals and their families turn to a Chicago car accident lawyer for help.

Causes of Winter Weather Car Accidents in Chicago

During the winter, the everyday causes of car accidents still exist. However, winter weather brings additional causes of accidents. The most common causes of winter weather accidents include:

Slippery Roadways

When the temperatures drop, wet roads turn into icy roads. Black ice is hazardous for drivers because it is difficult to see. Most drivers tend to brake hard when their vehicle hits the ice, but this usually results in causing the vehicle to spin out of control. 

Poor Visibility

Visibility during the winter can be reduced by heavy snow, hail, blizzards, and other forms of winter precipitation. Snow builds up on the sides of roadways and makes it difficult to see pedestrians and other cars. At night, visibility is impacted even more. Drivers should ensure they have plenty of wiper fluid and that their windshield wipers and defroster fans are in good working order before hitting the road.

Vehicle Condition

Winter driving is even more dangerous if a vehicle is not in good shape. Drivers should check their tires and replace ones that are worn out and have bald spots. Working headlights are imperative when driving in winter weather conditions. Drivers may need to clean off any accumulated snow before driving.

Injured in a Winter Weather Accident? Contact a Chicago Car Accident Lawyer at Malman Law

If you were injured as a result of a winter weather accident, you likely have several pressing questions and concerns. A seasoned Chicago car accident attorney can answer your legal questions and address your concerns to help you pursue compensation for your injuries. At Malman Law, we provide free case consultations to car accident victims. Get in touch with us today to schedule yours by calling (312) 878-9766 or using our online contact form.

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