May is National Bike Month

Friday, May 22, 2015

May is National Bike Month

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Bicycling promotes a healthy lifestyle and environment, and riding a bike can be a safe, enjoyable way to get from place to place. However, bicycling does not come without risks. As with any form of transportation, bicycling can be dangerous if safe practices are not utilized. In celebration of all that cycling brings to communities, May is National Bike Month. Sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists, communities all over the country plan activities to promote education, safety, and fun throughout the month. Events include Bike to Work week (May 11-15), bike rodeos, and Smart Cycling classes.

Bike to Work Week

Many are hanging up their car keys and dusting off their bikes the week of May 11-15. Some communities will be providing prizes for cyclists who log the most hours. Various towns have organized Neighborhood Ride Meet-ups to celebrate and make the most of this healthy, environmentally sustainable practice.

Bike Rodeos

For elementary aged children, bike rodeos are bicycle clinics offering safety inspections and lectures. Obstacle courses representing streets and crosswalks are set up to give young riders hands-on experience. Some rodeos offer raffles and educational booths set up by local cycling shops. Bike rodeos are set up in an effort to make learning fun. If you have children who are learning to ride a bike (or older children who need a refresher course), look for a bike rodeo in your area.

Cycling Safety

While bike rodeos focus on youth, adult education is also extremely vital. With bicycling becoming increasingly popular, it is important to understand cycling safety:

  • Know traffic laws to be free of negligence in case of an accident. Understanding the laws of the road protects legal rights.
  • When riding in rain, fog, snow, or darkness, always use a light and reflectors. A front lamp, rear reflectors, and yellow or white pedal reflectors will enhance drivers’ visibility.
  • Know the correct use of gear, including the proper way to wear your helmet. Never cycle without your helmet.
  • Know the rules of the road. Proper hand signals ensure communication between driver and rider.

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