Peloton Faces Steep Civil Penalty for Defective Treadmills

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Peloton Faces Steep Civil Penalty for Defective Treadmills

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What was once a popular brand of exercise equipment has now been in the news more for the dangerous accidents it has caused than the positive impact it has had on helping people get in shape. In 2021, Peloton recalled every single one of its treadmills due to dozens of injuries, including the death of a child, while using the product. In January 2023, the company announced that it would be paying a $19 million civil penalty because Peloton had “knowingly failed” to take action on reports that their treadmill was a hazardous product.

Anyone injured by a Peloton or another dangerous product should speak with a product liability lawyer immediately about their options.

Delay in Recalling a Dangerous Product

In 2018, Peloton launched the “Peloton Tread” (renamed to the Tread+ in late 2020). Although this product was related to multiple injuries and the death of a child after its release, Peloton delayed a recall stating that the reports were inaccurate. After pressure from consumers and federal commissions, Peloton finally complied and removed the Tread+ from the market.

Therefore, because they knowingly distributed treadmills through third-party vendors while knowing that the product was dangerous and defective, Peloton has been found guilty of violating the Consumer Product Safety Act. They are now facing civil penalties issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), some of the highest penalties in history that the CPSC has ever brought against a company. If you were injured while using one of these products, you may be entitled to compensation.

Peloton Consumer Lawsuits and Civil Penalties

When a brand fails to protect its consumers from a dangerous product, those consumers are entitled to file a lawsuit against the company to protect themselves. In addition to the penalty issued by the CPSC, Peloton is also facing individual class action lawsuits by several parties who have been injured by the equipment.

What to do if You Have Been Injured by a Peloton Product

If you have been injured on a Peloton product, you are not the only one. Many people have reported serious injuries as a result of defective treadmills. There are a few steps that you will want to take if you have suffered an injury from a Peloton product.

  • Seek immediate medical attention, even if you think your injuries are not that serious. They may escalate hours or even days after the initial event.
  • Document the details of your injury, including how, when, and where the injury happened, as you may be asked to recall them at a later date.
  • Gather all of the receipts and information you received when you purchased your Peloton.
  • Although you may be tempted, do not get rid of the Peloton product, but refrain from using it after your injury.
  • Reach out to a skilled personal injury lawyer to discuss your options and next steps.

Talk to a Chicago Personal Injury Attorney Today

To learn more about your rights to just compensation in the event of a Peloton injury, it is advisable to speak with an experienced attorney. Contact a Chicago personal injury attorney at Malman Law to schedule a free initial consultation and to learn more about your options.

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