Red Light Camera Tickets in Illinois

Friday, March 3, 2023

Red Light Camera Tickets in Illinois

Next time you are running late for your appointment and you think of gunning it through the intersection before the traffic light turns red, think again. The state of Illinois enforces red light cameras to catch red light violators. If you have been involved in a car accident caused by a red light violator, contact the experienced car accident attorneys at Malman Law immediately.

What is a Red Light Camera?

Red light cameras are mounted on traffic lights, usually found at busy intersections. The camera has one or more motor vehicle sensors that work in tandem with the traffic light signal. The device will take both a still photograph and video footage when a vehicle runs a red light.

Many drivers frequently do not come to a complete stop when taking right turns at red lights. The red light camera also takes footage of drivers who illegally roll through red lights.

However, the camera will not take a picture or video footage of drivers who legally take right turns at red lights at intersections where right turns are permitted.

The footage captured by the red light camera will include a clear image of the vehicle, the rear license plate, and a timestamp of the time, date, and location of the incident.

Are Red Light Cameras Legal in Illinois?

Under Illinois law, red light cameras are permitted. Red light cameras are considered to be part of the “automated traffic law enforcement system.”

A county or municipality is not allowed to use the “automated traffic law enforcement system” to record a vehicle’s speed, but for the sole purpose of catching red light culprits.

Chicago began its red light camera program back in 2003. Before any new red light cameras are installed, Chicago City Council requires that the Department of Transportation (DOT) hold a public meeting.

How Much is a Red Light Camera Ticket?

The number of red light violations have been staggering, with Illinois local governments collecting upwards of $1 billion in ticket revenue in the past decade.

Depending on the city or town, the fine for a red light camera ticket may vary. A red light camera ticket is usually priced at $100. If you choose to ignore your ticket, more fines will be implemented. If you miss the due date, your fine will increase from $100 to $200.

Besides having to pay the $100 fine, you will be subject to additional fees:

  • $60 to $400 Boot Fee
  • Towing charges: your vehicle may be impounded, resulting in a $150 tow fee, a storage fee of $20 per day for the first five days, and an additional $35 per day thereafter
  • Vehicles weighing more than 8,000 pounds are subject to a $250 tow fee, a $60 storage fee per day for the first five days, and an additional $100 per day thereafter

Can I View the Actual Footage of My Violation?

A red light offender will receive a ticket in the mail five to seven business days after the violation. The ticket will also indicate the date the fine is due, normally due within 25 days.

For any motorist who receives a red light violation in Chicago, they can view the video footage and photograph of the violation on the city’s website.

If you feel that the camera took the footage in error, you can take action. Be aware that you only have seven (7) days from the ticket being issued to contest your ticket with the city.

Will the Violation Be Put on my Driving Record?

Since a red light violation is not considered a moving violation, it is not placed on a motorist’s driving record.

Instead, a red light violation is considered an administrative violation. Red light violations are similar to parking tickets in this way. In addition to the ticket not being part of your driving record, your insurance rates will not increase either.

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