Summertime Injuries in the Restaurant Industry

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Summertime Injuries in the Restaurant Industry

Written by Malman Law, reviewed by Steve J. Malman.

When the weather warms up, rooftop bars and restaurant patios open back up to eager patrons. While this is generally good for business, it can also cause problems for wait staff and bartenders. Unruly customers may get into fights, glasses can get dropped and cause cuts and lacerations, and even at dog-friendly establishments, dogs can become startled and bite people. In the event of any of these things, know that you can always talked to a personal injury lawyer in Chicago should you need to discuss the potential of a case.

Work-Related Injuries

If you own a restaurant or manage a popular bar, you’ve probably dealt with some of your employees getting hurt on the job. Meanwhile, if you work in one of these establishments, you may be worried about not knowing what to do if you get hurt while you’re at work. If a shattered glass causes you to have to go to the hospital, or if you burn yourself in the kitchen, these can be considered work-related injuries and you may have legal recourse. Contact a Chicago workers comp lawyer if you’re unsure if you’ve got a case—they can help discuss the details and give you advice on what to do next, and typically, a reputable personal injury lawyer in Chicago will take cases on a contingency basis, meaning you only pay them if you win your case.

Patron Issues

On the other side of the coin, sometimes unruly customers can cause problems. These can still wind up causing work injuries, like if a drunk patron gets into an argument with a bartender and it turns physical or if a dog on the patio bites a server. In these instances, employees should still contact a Chicago workers comp lawyer to get advice. Workplace injuries can be a headache for owners as well as the people involved in them. Regardless of what happens to you, it’s important to still seek medical attention if and when you need it and to document the details of the incident.
Warmer temperatures shouldn’t be worrisome for service industry staff. If you need help, contact a personal injury lawyer in Chicago to help you sort out the case and figure out the best angle to work with.

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