Zantac Wrongful Death Claims

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Zantac Wrongful Death Claims

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Zantac Wrongful Death Claims

Many family members are filing wrongful death claims after learning that their relative’s cancer could have resulted from taking the heartburn medication Zantac. If you share a similar story, reach out to an experienced Zantac attorney as soon as possible. You may have a valid Zantac wrongful death claim.

It’s now widely known that Zantac can cause various forms of cancer. Many individuals who took this prescription and over the counter medication who have been diagnosed with cancer are now pursuing personal injury claims. They have a right to seek monetary damages from the makers of Zantac and its generic counterpart, ranitidine. What about those who have lost a family member to cancer after taking Zantac? They have a right to recovery as well and should seek help from an experienced Chicago Zantac lawyer. 

Do You Have a Zantac Wrongful Death Claim?

Several questions must be asked to determine if you have a Zantac wrongful death claim on your hands. First, did your loved one succumb to cancer after taking Zantac? If so, are you the next of kin? This can include parents, spouses, and siblings. Even if you aren’t, someone who is can still file a wrongful death lawsuit. The best thing to do is contact a seasoned Chicago Zantac attorney to review the circumstances of your loved one’s death. They can tell you if there is a valid wrongful death claim and, if so, who is eligible to file it.

Wrongful death claims are quite similar to personal injury claims. Suppose the injuries that led to their death could have warranted a personal injury claim. In that case, it’s likely a wrongful death claim exists. However, since the decedent isn’t here to seek damages on their own behalf, someone else can do so. Illinois law dictates who has the right to file such a claim.

Are Zantac Manufacturers Liable for Wrongful Deaths?

There is credible evidence that Zantac manufacturers knew that this drug could cause cancer. Yet, they still put the drug on the market and continue to sell it for decades. They put countless numbers of people at risk of developing cancer and suffering whatever injuries and damages arise from that. Under the concept of negligence, these manufacturers can be held liable. To prove this, a Chicago Zantac lawyer must show that:

  • The Zantac manufacturers owe a duty of care to those who will take their drug
  • They breach that duty by selling the drug and not providing any warnings to potential consumers
  • Consumers develop cancer and suffer injuries or even death
  • Their injuries or death led to damages 

Did Your Loved One Die After Taking Zantac? Meet with a Seasoned Chicago Zantac Lawyer Today

If you suspect your loved one lost their life to cancer after taking Zantac, now is the time to act. You have the right to seek justice and compensation on their behalf. You can receive your free no-obligation consultation with a seasoned Chicago Zantac attorney at Malman Law today. Call (312) 629-0099 or complete our easy online contact form.

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