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North Park, a part of Jefferson Township, hosts the campuses of both North Park University and Southeastern Illinois University. Indeed, some of our best friends and clients hail from this community. Unfortunately, when we meet our North Park clients for the first time, they are not having their best day.

serious personal injury is a catastrophic event in many ways – physically, psychologically and financially. It certainly doesn’t help your emotional well-being to discover that the accident that turned your life upside down wouldn’t have happened except for the carelessness or other wrongful behavior of someone else. That angers us, and it should anger you too.

We Exist to Fight for Injured Victims

At Malman Law, we don’t play around with our clients’ futures, and we don’t take any guff from the opposing party. Personal injury law is adversarial – the opposing party is not going to offer you a dime more than he absolutely has to, based on the strength of your case against him. Insurance companies are particularly difficult to negotiate with unless you know exactly what you’re doing.

Of course, you could always retain an inexperienced or unsuccessful lawyer. At Malman Law, however, we’ve got a track record that speaks for itself:

  • We win 95 percent of the time
  • Our clients receive settlements about 20 times as as often as they receive trial judgments
  • We have served over 15,000 clients, almost the population of North Park
  • We have recovered over $200,000,000 for our clients over the years
  • We’ve been in business nearly a quarter of a century

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We frequently handle the following types of cases, among others:

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