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Oak Lawn, Illinois is home to the Advocate Christ Medical Center, as well as a downtown area (95th Street between Tulley and 55th Court) that is currently undergoing massive redevelopment. Many Oak Lawn residents support elderly loved ones whose conditions require them to reside in nursing homes. Few moments in life can be more distressing than the moment you realize that your loved one may be suffering abuse at the hands of the very institution that you entrusted with their care. Instead of allowing the anger, shock, and confusion to become overwhelming, it is best to let your anger empower you to seek legal counsel – and fight back.

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At Malman Law, our batting average in personal injury cases is about .950 – that is, 95 percent of our clients win their claims. That doesn’t mean 95 out of 100 clients – it is more like 14,250 out of 20,000 clients. When you add it all up, we have recovered over $200 million in personal injury compensation so far, including quite a few multi-million dollar settlements.

Your Claim Will Probably Be Resolved Out of Court

Historically, well over 90 percent of our winning clients have received private settlements, without ever having to step inside of a courtroom. We can make no guarantees, of course, since a lot depends on the stubbornness level of the opposing party. But we can tell you that our trial lawyers know how to win. So if it comes to a courtroom battle, we are ready.

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Nursing home abuse and neglect Steve and Kelly were great! The entire process moved much faster than we thought it would. We received a nice size settlement. I would highly recommend Malman Law! – Susan, January 16, 2015

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