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Personal injury is a physical or mental harm to an individual due to the result of negligence, wrongful act of others. It is a legal term for injury which brings harm to your body, mind and emotions. There are various types of personal injury claims of which the most common are work related accidentscar accidentswrongful death, domestic accidents, assault claims, product liability and dog bite injury. There are many things to consider in determining the extent of personal injuries that you have suffered during an accident.

You should consult an experienced medical professional to help determine the claim worth effectively. One is entitled to get maximum compensation for time lost from work, medical expenses, permanent injury, pain and suffering. In these cases, the counsel of a well experienced personal injury lawyer is necessary, which can help you to calculate the value of claim and get the maximum compensation you deserve. Our Chicago injury attorneys have extensive experienced in handling all types of personal injuries.

Chicago Personal injury lawsuit can be broken into two general categories: 

  • Negligence cases
  • Intentional acts

Negligence cases

When the person causing the damage did not intend the injury, but is careless about the safety of others is a cause of action arising from “negligence”. In most of the disputes arising from motor vehicle accidents the driver is charged of being “negligent.”

Intentional Torts

An intentional tort occurs when a person intends to commit a wrongful act resulting in injury. From a legal stance, it may be difficult to obtain injury compensation from a person who commits an intentional tort, as most insurance companies do not cover intentional unlawful acts.

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If you are involved in a car accident or have suffered any type of personal injury, you may face serious health or medicals problems. Depending on the nature of the injury, they may be easily treated or can result in permanent injury. In all such cases, contact our experienced team of lawyers to file for a personal injury claim. Our Chicago personal injury lawyers are always here to help you. Contact us today for any type of personal injury claim and get the right justice for your injuries.


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