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Uptown is…well, Uptown. Most of us are familiar with the urban attractions of Buena Park, Sheridan Park, Margate Park, and Little Vietnam. We must admit, though, that the Uptown Entertainment District is our favorite part of Uptown, where we imagine that we stroll alongside the ghosts of Al Capone and John Dillinger.  When it comes time to eat, however, Argyle Street has no serious competitors.

When we return to the office, a distressing reality awaits us – lives thrust into crisis by unexpected personal injuries. These injuries happen in many ways – truck accidents, work injuries, medical malpractice, and a myriad of other occasions for the human body to reveals it fragility. When one person’s misconduct injures another, however, it is the injustice of it all that angers us the most.

We Protect the Rights of the Injured

Here at Malman Law, we work day in and day out, as we have for nearly a quarter of a century, to restore justice to lives like yours. While we cannot undo the accident that turned your life upside down, we can seek fair compensation for all that you have suffered.  A personal injury claim typically far exceeds mere reimbursement for medical expenses – your claim might be worth more than you think.

Our Zero Fee Guarantee Means You Don’t Pay Unless You Win

As a personal injury victim, you have a claim for compensation. An abstract claim is useless, however, until we turn it into cash in your bank account. That is why we offer our Zero Fee Guarantee – you will owe us nothing legal fees, until and unless you receive compensation for your injuries. Even then, the amount of our fees will be scaled to how much you receive, so that you will still come out ahead.

What Our Clients Say

The Malman Law team is exceptional. Knows personal injury law, very responsive to my personal workers comp case, recovered money I thought I would never see. And it happened twice as fast as I thought it would. Thank you, Malman Law.

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