Welcome to Malman Law. Here, you’ll find plenty of information about the work we’ve done with Illinois workers’ compensation and personal injury cases. For more than fifteen years, we at Malman Law, PC, have worked tirelessly as personal injury and workers’ comp lawyers, fighting for our injured clients’ rights.

Since 1994, we have served over 15,000 people. We have won large victories, including some verdicts that have yielded 6,7, and 8 figure personal injury payouts. 95% of our cases settle out of court, and we feel comfortable taking on any Chicago workers’ compensation or personal injury case. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small-scale accident or a complex case involving multiple liable parties, if you or a family member is suffering chronic pain, soft tissue damage, or other injuries, we strive to make the recovery process as easy as possible.

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To better serve our clients, Malman Law employs a full time Registered Nurse with over 30 years experience working and operating various nursing homes throughout Chicagoland. Our nurse is dedicated to reviewing all of the nursing home and medical malpractice cases to assist in the prosecution of the cases.