It has already been proven by age related statistics that in the next 18 years or so, nearly 10,000 persons per day will be celebrating their 65th birthday.[1]This is big news for America, and while it is joyful to celebrate our elderly loved ones lives, it could possibly be looked at as frightening news for healthcare. With age, the chance for acquiring a serious illness and or disease increases. Dealing with disease and illness on a daily basis can cause a person to be less independent and often is one of the main reasons why many elderly citizens in the U.S. turn to long-term care facilities. Because of the vast amount of persons who are expected to live longer, nursing homes are expected to reach a shortage. Today, beds are already filled in many nursing homes and staff is short. There has even been word of “endangered homecare workers.” Experts are now suggesting that as many U.S. citizens near elderly age, that they plan efficiently ahead of time and become early nursing home shoppers.

Fortunately, there are many ways today to go about becoming a smart long-term care shopper. From online tools such as online reviews, nursing home ratings and websites that allow you to compare nursing homes side-by-side, you can be reassured that the nursing home or care facility that you are looking into will care for you with the highest standards. Some online tools that are recommended are on the Medicare site for nursing home comparison. Another care site that is becoming more popular among care shoppers is This site offers shoppers a chance to learn about their array of options. It also gives useful information about paying for care and offers research that allows for shoppers to have a better understanding of elderly healthcare.

Sites such as these are only a guide to help in the nursing home shopping process. In addition to using these helpful sites, shoppers should also make sure to visit homes, ask lots of questions, and pay attention to the overall atmosphere of a home. 

Despite smart shopping, nursing home abuse and neglect still occurs. Call an Illinois nursing home abuse and neglect attorney today if you feel that you or a loved one suffered a serious injury while under the care of a facility. Malman Law is available 24/7 for a free consultation and legal advice.

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