Those who have suffered traumatic brain injuries have an increased risk for early death, a study in Sweden has suggested.

The data also suggested those who have had mild concussions—a frequent injury for those who play contact sports and those in the military—could also be at risk.

People who have had traumatic brain injuries are also more likely to have a death caused from suicide, the study said.

The four-decade study tracked 218,300 people with diagnosed brain injuries (not including concussions).

In the study, scientists examined people with brain injuries that caused internal bleeding, skull fractures or loss of consciousness for more than an hour.

Of this group, 2,388 people (1.1 percent) died before age 56, three times more than the average rate. In this group, 574 people died from accidents, and 522 died from suicide.

Those participating in the study who had suffered brain injuries were also more likely to have substance abuse and psychiatric problems.


Traumatic Brain Injury Aftermath

While not all brain injuries result in lifelong complications and early death, this study proves that years after someone has a traumatic brain injury, the effects may still linger.

Following complications from head injuries, even years after the accident, lawyers see cases of those who have had a severe injury to the head or brain have an increased risk of premature death.

Every year, 1.7 million people experience traumatic brain injuries, and these injuries account for 30.5 percent of all injury-related deaths. According to the study, if 1.1 percent of people experience long-lasting effects after their brain injury, you or someone you may know could be at risk.

Whether you’ve experienced your own traumatic brain injury or you know someone else who has, attorneys who have experience with brain injury cases can work with you to make sure courts treat you fairly and hold the right parties accountable for your injuries.

What To Do If You’ve Had a Traumatic Brain Injury

As this study suggests, the effects of traumatic brain injuries may not always end after initial recovery. If you’ve suffered a brain injury, a brain injury attorney can help you start your case. Because the case could be ongoing, you contact a lawyer as soon as possible to receive the best protection. Lawyers at Malman Law who concentrate in brain injuries can help you organize your case and determine what type of monetary compensation you may need for future medical issues.

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