An accident that occurred on Saturday should serve as a reminder to both motorcyclists and passenger vehicle operators that with summer comes a sharp increase of motorcycles on the road. Our Chicago motorcycle accident attorneys remind everyone to drive accordingly.

As we approach the busy Fourth of July weekend, our team of Chicago motorcycle accident lawyers caution everyone to drive carefully to avoid accidents like the one that occurred in Crystal Lake on Saturday.

According to the Trib Local, “A collision involving a van and motorcycle snarled traffic on Route 176 in Crystal Lake Saturday. The driver of the van was later cited for improper left turn and operating an uninsured motor vehicle, and the 41-year-old motorcyclist was transported to Centegra Hospital-Woodstock for non-life threatening injuries, according to police.”

Chicago motorcycle accident attorneys know that this type of accident occurs often, especially during the summer months when there are so many more motorcycles on the road. Drivers of passenger vehicles are not always aware of motorcycles, similar to in this case.

Luckily, the motorcyclist in the Crystal Lake crash was not seriously injured. Because motorcyclists often travel speeds comparable with passenger vehicles but with much less protection, Chicago motorcycle accident lawyers explain that they are often significantly more injured in accidents.

Also, contrary to popular belief, motorcycles are often not at fault for accidents – again similar to the accident in Crystal Lake last weekend. Before you hit the road this holiday weekend, make sure to be aware of all motorists on the road – especially motorcyclists and drive carefully and courteously to avoid motorcycle accidents in Chicago and the surrounding area.