The effects of the government shutdown has already been seen in just a short period of time—and what is to come in the next several months is unknown. However, many Americans are fearful of the future of health concerning the shutdown.  For example, the recent salmonella outbreak investigation was delayed because of the skeletal CDC lab force that was able to trace back the source of contamination. There has also been an impact on federal inspections for workplaces and nursing homes. Chef Ann Cooper wrote in an article on US Today, “There is no question that playing politics has put our nation’s health at risk.” In Cooper’s article she also spoke of the dangers of the USDA’s website being closed in regards to administrators and leaders of schools and feeding programs who use the site to learn of the many everyday questions that they have regarding their programs.

There are many debates of health and safety concerns regarding food; however, according to most experts, our health regarding food safety is not under any major threat. There are still food inspections being done, but the number of inspectors have been cut short. Additionally, by law, federal meat inspectors are required to be in all meat processing plants, despite the shutdown. Food processing companies are also still held to the high standards of distribution by USDA regulations.

Overall, we do not know exactly what is yet to come. To best protect you and your family from such possible sicknesses regarding any food borne illness, experts always recommend to use safe handling measures and to always thoroughly cook food to the recommended temperatures.

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