Bedsores are a problem nursing homes have experienced for years, but that could be coming to an end with a new pressure point detection device. 

Hospitals and nursing homes around the country are adopting MAP, or Monitor Alert Protect, a system that can monitor activity in patients spending extended time in the same position without rotation. Without movement and repeated exposure to the same pressure points, people can develop bedsores, which are also referred to as pressure ulcers. If not proactive in preventing bedsores, patients may develop deadly sores that reach the bone.

How MAP works

A detection mat is placed under a patient’s bed, and any time a dangerous pressure area begins to form, caregivers are alerted via MAP. Every mat can be customized to the patient’s body.

MAP can also prevent bed falls with its alert-sending system to caregivers when patients are susceptible to falling off.
Also, in the past, caregivers could only simply turn patients and residents to prevent bedsores. MAP provides detailed locations for where pressure points are forming.

Prevention of bedsores

Bed sores account for millions of dollars of medical treatment and nursing home negligence compensation for patients every year, and have been the subject of countless cases.

MAP, though, has already shown positive results against bedsores.

It is currently being used in more than 60 hospitals across the country with roughly 1,000 units having been sold to date.

In Detroit’s Henry Ford Hospital, a two-month trial period showed a decrease in pressure ulcers from 5 to .03 percent.

By implementing these devices, hospitals, retirement homes and nursing homes will be able to effectively monitor patients who are confined to beds for extended periods of time. Until then, though, you should have an experienced nursing home attorney on your side.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Anderson Dermatology


Staying safe

Hopefully, advances in technology like this will one day make bed sores a thing of the past.

If you have loved ones who have recently experienced bed sores because of inadequate care, contact a nursing home attorney immediately to receive information on how you can protect them and receive compensation for nursing home negligence.