Nursing home residents and their families shouldn’t expect to find abuse or neglect at a facility, and residents may not always be aware that they are victims, which is what occurred recently at a nursing home in Dallas, Texas. Scratches and bruises are some of the physical signs of abuse, and demand attention right away, with the help of a nursing home abuse attorney.

The recent case at a Dallas nursing home involved an elderly woman whose daughter noticed bruises appearing on her body. The explanation for the injuries was that she had fallen from her wheelchair. The daughter was skeptical, and the family placed a hidden camera in the resident’s room as a result. Allegedly, they witnessed a nursing home employee slap her, engage in cruel name-calling and spray her with water. Because of this abuse, the family has now decided to take legal action.

The Texas Department of Aging and Disability has apparently failed to take necessary action in many nursing home abuse and neglect cases, which has caused families to turn to legal assistance with the hiring of nursing home lawyers. However, Texas isn’t the only state that has experienced oftentimes ignored instances of mistreatment and negligence. Across the nation, residents have experienced this, and many are either reluctant or unable to speak about their living situations.

When nursing home administrators do nothing to prevent abuse or neglect, and fail to take action afterwards, the home can be held liable for the actions of all employees involved. Nursing home abuse lawyers can bring justice to nursing homes that fail to maintain the environment residents and their families not only want, but deserve. If you or a loved one would like to put a stop to abusive or neglectful situations, discuss the matter with the attorneys at Malman Law.