How to Avoid On the Job Injuries

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

How to Avoid On the Job Injuries

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Work injuries can range from minor (carpal tunnel syndrome) to severe (falls from high places). Some of the more serious injuries can be life-threatening and even fatal. However, the majority of injuries fall somewhere in between these extremes. On the job injuries can occur to any worker in any vocation, and the vast majority are preventable. The following four injuries account for over 70 percent of annual workers’ compensation claims.

Overexertion. These injuries are most common and typically come from excessive lifting, pulling, pushing, or carrying.

Falls (high level and same level). Falls from high places are typically more serious than those from a level place. However, both can cause serious injury, and combined they account for over one quarter of all workplace injuries.

Bodily reaction. Excessive standing, sitting, bending, and climbing can cause adverse bodily reactions in workers. Tripping over objects and slipping on slick or wet floors can have similarly injurious effects.

Being struck by an object. If a tool falls from a high place or the arm of a machine swings outward, a worker can be struck. These injuries can be extremely serious.

Methods of Reducing Workplace Injuries

Overexertion can be reduced or avoided by asking for help when a physical task is too much. For example, if you are moving from one office to another and certain items are too heavy for you to lift or carry (such as a desk, heavy boxes, or a filing cabinet), ask another worker to help. If the task is part of your job (such as loading heavy items into a truck), there may be tools or devices to assist you. If the task if part of your job and there are no available devices to ease the burden, training in proper technique may be beneficial.

Falls from level places can be avoided by keeping your work area clean and clutter free. The majority of same level falls occur when workers trip over improperly placed items. High level falls, on the other hand, are often caused by faulty ladders and scaffolding. In order to prevent this potentially life-threatening accident, make sure all ladders and scaffolding are in excellent working condition at all times.

There are numerous ways to prevent serious injury from being struck by an object. Begin by stacking materials properly to prevent items from sliding and falling. If your work environment is high-risk for these injuries (factories, warehouses), always wear hardhats and the appropriate protective gear. In addition to the above tips, never work under heavy machinery while it’s being operated.

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