What is the Law on Bullying in Chicago/Illinois?

Monday, October 11, 2010

What is the Law on Bullying in Chicago/Illinois?

Written by Malman Law, reviewed by Steve J. Malman.

There have been several teen suicides in the news recently that are being blamed on bullying or cyberbullying. Most recently, a Rutgers student jumped off the George Washington Bridge after his roommate recorded and streamed footage of him having a sexual encounter with another male. According to Chicago Now, Tyler Clementi is just one of five young men who has committed suicide this month because of bullying.

Illinois is one of only 18 states in the United States that has legislation in place to specifically address bullying. A Chicago injury lawyer can explain the laws in detail, which pertain to the following:

  • Schools: The school board in each district is responsible for creating, posting and enforcing discipline policies for bullies (or any student who is at risk for aggressive behavior) in all schools.
  • Individuals: It is a Class A misdemeanor to prevent a student from attending school or interfere with their attendance at school as a result of bullying.
  • Online: In 2008 as a result of a young woman’s suicide after being harassed on MySpace, a law was passed in Illinois which outlaws using the internet (or other similar electronic media) to harass someone.

If a student in Chicago or greater Illinois has suffered or ended their life as a result of bullying, their family may want to speak with a Chicago injury lawyer. There are families who have filed wrongful death lawsuits after their child committed suicide as a result of extensive bullying. Hopefully the spotlight on the recent suicides resulting from bullying will encourage other states to pass legislation preventing harassment in schools to help prevent future tragedies.

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