Chicago Personal Injury Law Firm

A personal injury is a devastating and life-changing event in anyone’s life. At Malman Law, we recognize how a personal injury could seriously affect you and your family emotionally, financially, and physically.

Our personal injury attorneys consider each of these factors when handling your case. Furthermore, we will do everything possible to ensure a smooth, painless, and quick process. Our injury law firm will take strategic and immediate measures to begin the negotiation process.

Unlike most law firms, we will proceed to court in case a settlement seems improbable. Your life changes drastically the moment you sustain a personal injury. An event this traumatic will affect your health, work, and even finances, requiring the services of an injury law firm.

The injury lawyers at Malman Law can safeguard your rights while simultaneously helping you acquire the monetary means to pay for your injury. Damages from such claims may differ and comprise of costs from hospital bills and lost wages throughout treatment and recovery.

By law, we cannot give you funds to help you with bills during the settlement negotiation. However, you may apply for an injury loan with your preferred financial institution. In this case, we will collaborate with the chosen company to help accelerate the loan approval.

At Malman Law, we believe everyone has a right to premium legal representation. You will not pay legal fees if we are unable to secure compensation. We have the relevant resources, experience, and staff to offer you proper representation.

Furthermore, we guarantee that you will have a pleasant and rewarding experience working with us. You can access our services 24/7 at our conveniently located offices in Chicago’s Loop. If you cannot reach our injury law firm, we will contact you instead.

We provide a complimentary consultation to potential clients. Call today or request a case evaluation at no cost.