Chicago, IL Safeco Insurance Attorneys

Safeco Insurance offers both automobile and homeowners insurance to their customers. Safeco is owned by Liberty Mutual Insurance and has headquarters in Seattle, Washington. For more information on this Safeco and it’s insurance offerings, please visit their website or call their nearest Chicago office.

Quarreling with Safeco Insurance

Safeco Insurance is similar to other insurance companies because of the way they deal with their clients. As a means to save money, some insurance representatives and claims adjusters manipulate their customers, as well as their knowledge of insurance laws. As a result, Safeco’s customers settle their cases at a much lower amount then they might realize. To avoid this, let an automobile crash lawyer help you.

Auto accident lawyers in Chicago understand how to defend you from these unjust practices and therefore are able to help you get a higher paying settlement. Don’t let these insurance workers confuse you. Call a lawyer today to protect you from unfair insurance practices.

Experienced Automobile Accident Lawyers in Illinois Can Help With Your Safeco Insurance Claim

Here at the offices of Malman Law, we have plenty of practice in handling insurance companies and their representatives. We know what it takes to get insurance businesses like Safeco to cooperate and listen. Instead of fighting insurance companies alone, an automobile crash lawyer can give you the experience and knowledge needed to win your case and receive and an acceptable settlement.

Call our offices dial 1-(888) 625-6265 or fill out our free online consultation to receive a free case evolution. Our auto accident lawyers in Chicago have the ability to let you relax by allowing us to completely handle your case. We’ll be the ones to talk and negotiate your auto accident case. That way, you can rest and work on making a full recovery from your accident.