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When nursing homes fail to take the time to adequately vet the employees they hire, it can lead to problems within the facility with neglect or abuse to the residents. Unfortunately, because some residents may feel pressure not to report the incidents or tell their loved ones about it, these cases sometimes fly under the radar. This is why it is important that if you hear from a family member that they’re experiencing signs of neglect or abuse, you take action. Contacting Illinois nursing home neglect attorneys can give you the clarity and advice you need to move forward with a case.

Medication Errors

Errors made administering medication such as incorrect dosages, missed doses, or even being given the wrong medication can all have severe consequences to the resident. From drug interactions to even death, these mistakes can all be prevented. Medication errors are the result of neglect, and if this has happened to someone you care about, a Des Plaines nursing home attorney can help you rectify the situation.


Malnutrition is a surefire sign of neglect within a nursing home. Staff is required to provide nutritious meals to the residents, and if it is not happening, residents may suffer from health effects or lose weight. If you notice a loved one losing more weight than is healthy, be sure to talk to Illinois nursing home neglect attorneys about what you can do.

Emotional Trauma

Obviously, compassion is a necessary aspect of nursing home care. Unfortunately, some of the people working in these facilities are not ideal for the positions they hold. Regardless of the circumstances, it is not acceptable for nursing staff to belittle, humiliate, or yell at residents. If this is going on, it can cause emotional trauma. If someone tells you that this is happening to them in a Des Plaines nursing home, talk to a Des Plaines nursing home attorney about what your options are for proceeding with a case.

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