Evanston, IL Nursing Home Attorneys

Every nursing home is responsible for hiring nursing staff that capable of providing adequate care for each and every resident. Unfortunately, laziness or even abusive behavior can contribute to declining health of residents. If you or someone you know has suffered because of inadequate resident care in Evanston, you should reach an Evanston nursing home attorney for assistance.

Contact the Right People

If a nursing home allows care standards to lower, residents are the ones affected the most. Low quality care typically carries detectable signs that can warrant investigation. Signs of negligent or abusive behavior include bedsores that are not treated properly, restraint that isn’t needed when administering treatment, and emotional trauma such as depression or anxiety. These signs can indicate a serious issue that needs immediate resolution, preventing further harm to all other residents in the facility.

Malman Law: Knowledgeable Evanston Nursing Homes Abuse Lawyers

When you believe a nursing home in Evanston has allowed insufficient care to take place, contact Malman Law for a free consultation with an Evanston nursing home lawyer.