Northbrook, IL Nursing Home Attorneys

Unfortunately, nursing home abuse and neglect is more of a common occurrence than we want to believe. If any nursing homes in Northbrook fail to provide the right treatment and care that ensures the comfort and wellbeing of residents, a Northbrook nursing home attorney can help resolve a case in residents’ favor. There are many ways to find out whether or not inadequate care occurs at a nursing home.

Look for the Signs

When you visit a friend or family member staying at a nursing home, try to recognize the signs of improper care that may indicate a serious underlying problem. Common visible marks left by abusive or neglectful nursing staff can include unexplained injuries such as bruises or scrapes, serious apparent mental or physical health problems possibly caused by medication errors, and complications of injury or surgery that remain overlooked. These signs and many others should never go dismissed and need immediate attention.

Call the Credible Northbrook Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers of Malman Law

Witnesses of any mistreatment at a nursing home should act on it right away to preserve the safety and comfort of residents. If you suspect that nursing home staff members are working irresponsibly at a facility in Northbrook, contact Malman Law for a free, no-obligation consultation and speak with a Northbrook nursing home attorney.