Astoria Place Living & Rehab

With a past inspection revealing a series of deficiencies, along with a history of fines and incidents, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services once gave this Chicago nursing home an overall rating of “much below average.”

Hazards Affecting Many

In the past, a single inspection yielded over a dozen deficiencies in the nursing home, and while they all represented only a minimal potential for harm, many of them were determined to affect or potentially affect many of the home’s residents. Problems were noted with the facility’s smoke detectors, elevators, drug records, infection safeguards and fire alarms. These and other issues were all resolved.

Ill-maintained facilities can result in preventable accidents. If a loved one has been hurt in the nursing home, contact an elder law attorney in Chicago for help.

Incident Reports

Complaints and incidents are all investigated on an individual basis, and this home has a history of them. Several incidents have been reported in the past because of the home’s failure to prevent avoidable accidents. Others have been filed regarding health care-related incidents, including the failure to prevent and treat bed sores and the failure to follow notification protocols regarding changes to a resident’s condition.

Many seniors do not know how to properly report problems in the nursing home like abuse and neglect. If you suspect that a loved one’s injury was avoidable, contacting a nursing home negligence attorney can help.

Paying the Penalty

Because nursing homes like this receive federal funding, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services reserves the right to penalize them with fines. In the past, this home has racked up more than $4,000 in fines.


In a past study, the total number of residents at this home was found to be more than 50 percent above the national average, bringing the individual attention each resident received on a daily basis to levels below both national and Illinois averages at the time.

When a nursing home fails to provide its residents with the attention and care they need, they are at risk. A staff stretched too thin can lead to painful falls, disorganized prescriptions and disregard for protocol. If you suspect negligence, contact an attorney that specializes in the elder care laws that protect the safety of every person in home.

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About Astoria Place Living & Rehab

Offering both short- and long-term care, Chicago’s Astoria Place Living & Rehab offers 164 beds and participates in both Medicare and Medicaid programs.

Contact Information

6300 North California Ave
Chicago, IL 60659
Phone: (773) 973-1900
Fax: (773) 973-1904

Finding Help

If you suspect that a loved one’s injury was preventable or the result of neglect, contact a nursing home neglect lawyer. Call Malman Law for a free consultation at 1-888-625-6265.