Burgin Manor of Olney Inc Nursing Home

Past Medicare reports have ranked Burgin Manor of Olney, Inc. as “below average” in its inspections. This overall rating was determined by a health inspection that rated the establishment as “below average” along with a quality measure report of “much below average.” The reasons for these ratings are due to a number of deficiencies in the areas of resident treatment and care as well as overall environment.

Resident Treatment Shortcomings

Any time a nursing home is revealed to be home to abuse and neglect of any kind, victims of this mistreatment can have an elder law attorney behind them to see their pain remedied with full compensation.

Instances of resident mistreatment cited at Burgin Manor of Olney, Inc. include the very failure to write and put policies into action preventing neglect and abuse of all kinds, as well as crimes occurring on the property such as theft. The inspection showed that care was not properly provided based on individual residents’ needs.

Environmental Failures

Mistreatment of residents was also accompanied by noted failure in the area of environment, as the property was not hazard-free and posed immediate risks for residents. Housekeeping and maintenance services were also not provided when needed. The fire alarm system was also found not to be installed, maintained and tested the way it should have been.

There should never be any areas of a nursing home that allow residents to come to harm, and they should never be neglected when they require the best of care. With the assistance of an elder care lawyer, residents and their families can see to it that their lives are given the full attention and respect they deserve from nursing home care.

About Burgin Manor of Olney, Inc.

In operation since 1982, Burgin Manor of Olney, Inc. has 156 beds for residents, with services including an Alzheimer’s unit, recuperative therapy and respite care.

Burgin Manor of Olney, Inc. Contact Information

900 928 East Scott

Olney, IL 62450

(618) 395-1000


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It can be devastating to learn that someone you know and love is suffering from neglectful or abusive staff at a nursing home. Elder care attorneys provided by Malman Law will make sure that you’re not alone when trying to be compensated for the pain.