California Gardens Nursing Home

When a past inspection revealed that this nursing home was understaffed and not meeting professional standards, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services gave it a “much below average” rating.

Meeting Professional Standards

On more than one occasion, this nursing home has been found to not meet what the Medicare report refers to as “professional standards of quality.” Yet another report found that in the past, California Gardens Nursing and Rehabilitation Center was not accommodating its residents’ needs and preferences, was not providing residents with nutritional and well-balanced diets and was not providing what it considered “necessary care and services.”

It isn’t an inconvenience when someone in a nursing home receives inadequate care. It’s negligence. If you’re not sure if a loved one has been neglected, a nursing home neglect lawyer can help.

Consequences of Understaffing

According to a past report, this nursing home has had a number of residents more than 300 percent higher than the national average. The data shows that residents were receiving an amount of attention significantly lower than is typical. The amount of time each resident received from an RN daily was less than a third the national and Illinois averages, and the number of daily hours spend with a CNA were less than half the national and Illinois averages. This home’s staffing and RN ratings were “much below average,” contributing to the home itself receiving that same rating.

Everyone in a nursing home should have easy, consistent access to the health care they need. If you suspect that someone you know has had his health and well-being neglected, consult an elder law lawyer.

History of Fines

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services reserves the right to fine any home receiving its funding. When it finds that a home has committed an offense, it may fine that home, and it’s happened to the California Gardens Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. In the past, this home has been fined by Medicare for over $4,600.

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About California Gardens Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

With almost 300 beds, this Chicago nursing home receives funding from Medicare and Medicaid, and provides both physical and psychiatric rehabilitation services.

Contact Information

2829 South California Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60608
Phone: (773) 847-8061

Seeking Help

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