Elston Nursing and Rehab Centre

In the past, the Center of Medicare and Medicaid reported the following incidences of deficiencies in the care of residents:


In the past, there were reported incidences at Elston Nursing and Rehab Centre of deficiencies in fire safety codes that were reported by the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid.

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The Center of Medicare also reported past incidences of concerns with a few aspects the meals that were being served at the Elston Nursing and Rehab Centre.   Healthy, nutritious meals served at the right temperature and according to each patient’s dietary needs are an essential part of their overall personal care and well-being.   For more information about the Center for Medicare and its ratings for the Elston Nursing and Rehab Centre, visit Medicare.gov

If caregivers are concerned that the nursing home facility that is caring for their loved ones may not be serving meals properly according to the appropriate regulations, they may want to enlist the help of an elder attorney if there is any suspicion of negligence.   

About the Elston Nursing Centre:

The Elston Nursing and Rehab Centre offers its residents all types of nursing and rehabilitative care, including resident services and amenities, respite and hospice care as well as care for those suffering with Dementia and Alzheimer’s. 

Contact Information:

Glen Elston Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre
4340 N. Keystone Avenue
Chicago, IL  60641

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