Harmony Nursing Rehab Center

Harmony Nursing and Rehab Center is located in Chicago, Illinois and specializes in providing residential care as well as both short and long-term rehabilitation. They also have an Alzheimer’s wing that provides the needed care for patients suffering from memory loss, as well as a variety of family resources.

Nursing Home Responsibilities

The official Illinois Nursing Home Care Act gives those in residential care and their families certain rights, including the right to have and store personal property, the right to select a doctor, and various freedoms from abuse and neglect. Conversely, if you believe your loved one has been the victim of nursing home abuse, you should contact a Chicago nursing home attorney to discuss your case.

Nursing homes are rated and regulated by Medicare, and they base these ratings on a very specific set of criteria which should be used as part of the basis for your extended care decisions.

Nursing Home Inadequacies

Unless specifically required for their own safety, nursing home patients should not be kept in physical restraints, as they cause undue stress and physical harm. Additionally, they should be made as comfortable as possible at all times and free from bed sores or similar rashes. A nursing home abuse lawyer will work with you to discuss your situation if you feel your loved one is being mistreated.

Staff Qualifications

Nursing homes are required to ensure that their staff is properly trained to handle a variety of medical care situations, and they must have no previous history of abuse or neglect.

Many times, elderly loved ones are not able to speak for themselves when they are being mistreated. This can be due to a medical condition or a general fear that their complaints will result in further harm. This is why it’s important to monitor their condition and immediately contact an
experienced nursing home abuse attorney if you suspect a problem.

Malman Law is an experienced nursing home abuse and neglect law firm serving Chicago and the state of Illinois. If you suspect your loved one may be a victim of nursing home neglect, call their hotline immediately at 1-888-625-6265 for assistance.

Contact Information

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Phone: (773) 588-9500