Herrin Rehab & Nursing Center

With a rating of “much below average” on its Medicare profile, Herrin Rehab & Nursing Center has, in the past, failed to meet the organization’s standards when it comes to resident care. Several deficiencies have helped to determine this final rating, including those of the health and staffing inspections. A nursing home abuse lawyer is there for victims of any mistreatment at nursing homes, so the suffering never has to last and can be compensated for in full.

Poor Quality Care

A past Medicare report stated that Herrin Rehab & Nursing Center was responsible for poor treatment of residents, including instances where bedsores were not treated and prevented properly, social services were not provided, and care was not given to residents based on their written care plans. Residents who required extra services such as those for incontinence were also not given proper treatment.

If you know of someone who has experienced any mistreatment at a nursing home, an Illinois nursing home lawyer can be there to ensure that every affected resident is cared for the way they should be. Any time a nursing home resident endures neglectful or abusive staff behavior, their rights are being violated according to the Nursing Home Reform Act of 1987.

Problems with Staff

Even with less residents than the state and national averages, staff at Herrin Rehab & Nursing Center failed to spend ample amount of time with each and every individual. This includes the shortcomings of RN, LPN and CAN staff in spending time with residents.

With the representation of a nursing home abuse attorney, any staff who neglects residents like this can be brought to justice, ensuring that it never reoccurs. Nursing home residents always deserve nothing but the best treatment available to them.

About Herrin Rehab & Nursing Center

Herrin Rehab & Nursing Center, located in Herrin, Illinois, is a nursing home that accepts Medicare and Medicaid.

Herrin Rehab & Nursing Center Contact Information

1900 North Park Avenue
Herrin, IL 62948
(618) 942-2525

Residents Should Never Suffer

Any time a nursing home resident feels even the slightest amount of discomfort because of staff negligence or abuse, an Illinois nursing home attorney can bring about the justice needed, and with a qualified legal team provided by Malman Law, you’ll be able to win any case.