Rosewood Care Center of Joliet Nursing Home

Despite a staffing rating of “much above average,” a history of fines and poor health inspection ratings have, in the past, kept Rosewood Care Center of Joliet stuck at a “below average” overall rating. At times, the complaints levied against this facility have demonstrated that a nursing home’s ratings aren’t necessarily determined by the number of incidents, complaints and violations it receives, but the severity of them.

Deficiencies and Complaints

It doesn’t necessarily take a large number of complaints to bring down a nursing home’s rating. For example, during a single one-year period, Rosewood Care Center of Joliet received fewer than a dozen complaints and incidents, and a number of other deficiencies that weren’t far from national and Illinois averages.

However, in some cases, the severity of those deficiencies made a difference. For example, in one instance, the home was found to not provide the care that is necessary to maintain the highest wellbeing of each resident, and to such an extent that it put the health or safety of residents in immediate jeopardy. In another case, residents were harmed because of serious medication errors.

You should never have to worry about the safety or care of a loved one in a care center. If you suspect that someone you know has been harmed and that it should have been avoided, consulting a nursing home lawyer that specializes in abuse and neglect can help.

Staff Ratings

In the past, Rosewood Care Center of Joliet has been found to have a staff rated “much above average.” Residents at this center were reported to receive significantly more licensed and certified staff attention than national and Illinois averages. Unfortunately, lower ratings in other areas prevented the high staffing grade from making much overall impact. This home has also been subjected to government fines on behalf of Medicare and Medicaid.

However talented a staff is most of the time, all it takes is one avoidable accident for tragedy to strike. If you know of someone that was injured because of carelessness in the home, contact a nursing home negligence attorney.

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About Rosewood Care Center of Joliet

This Joliet medical rehabilitation and nursing center offers 78 beds for short-term care. It participates in Medicare and Medicaid.

Contact Information

3401 Hennepin Drive
Joliet, IL 60435
Phone: (815) 436-5900

Injuries in the Home

Don’t let uncertainty silence you. If you think that a loved one in a home may have been injured in a preventable accident, a nursing home lawyer can help you plan your next move. Contact Malman Law for a free consultation.