How to avoid dog bites with delivery drivers

Many personal injury cases deal with dog bites. Dog bites can be very damaging both physically and emotionally, and most of the time, are preventable. If you are having something delivered, it’s important to protect the safety of the delivery driver, and that means controlling your dog so that the dog doesn’t bite the delivery person.

If your dog stays in the yard, it’s important for the delivery person never to enter the yard. The dog is protecting your home, and the delivery driver will likely be treated as an intruder. You should work to train your dog not to bark at or attack delivery drivers, but the safest bet is to simply keep the two parties separate—if the delivery person has to speak with you at the door, put the dog in another room or outside temporarily, then give your dog a treat when you bring him back inside.

If you receive regular deliveries and the dog is reactive to that, let the delivery person know about the dog’s behavior so they know not to interact with the dog when you are not there.
Preventing dog bites is as simple as being mindful of a situation before it even arises. Know where you’ll put a dog when a delivery person arrives or put up a sign that says “Beware of Dog” so that visitors will not challenge the “protector.”

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