What the Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know

Far too many legitimate Chicago personal injury cases are tragically destroyed or damaged by inappropriate statements claimants make to insurance companies. Remember, even if you’re a policyholder in good standing, your insurance company has no motivation to pay your full settlement amount. In fact, the company’s goal is almost always to pay out as little as possible.

To this end, claims adjusters and other representatives of insurance companies employ a battery of tactics – some cajoling, some bullying – to deny claimants their full and fair settlement amounts. Sadly, injured policyholders often don’t know their rights. They sign documents that they don’t fully understand, and they settle for far too little. Even saying seemingly innocuous things to insurance representatives can give the company far more legal leverage than it should have over your claim.

At Malman Law, we know the games insurance companies play. And we know how to beat them. Studies show that clients who “go it alone” against insurance companies collect on average two to three times less than do claimants who retain qualified personal injury attorneys to assist them. Even if your matter seems cut and dry, the laws governing tort liability are exceptionally complex. Insurance claims adjusters and other representatives spend all day every day calculating how to minimize people’s benefits.

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